“Design is an act of War” E. Mari
Our company is a highly specialized farm lab in the field of motorcycle engineering and design. We use
advanced tools and innovative products working mainly in the motorcycles industry but also in the
design world, monitoring our clients from the product’s graphic design to its creation. We work with
other companies during the design and development of the manufacturing process:

Motorcycles R&D

We are constantly engaged in the development and the innovation in the motorcycles industry, cooperating
with high-profile partners. The attention to detail and the innovative approach behind our projects
and our production and design methods could be considered our strength. We assist our partners and customers
in the development of the producing and design components (oppure in the internal and external
components). Our way of working makes us able to speed up the production process, working both
on paper and by using 3D modeling and design software and tools.


A great part of our work is focused on the world of custom motorcycles. We use tools that allow us to
customize serial products and to create unique and special vehicles or components able to fit an individual's
specific needs. We are a full-service and a customer-friendly company, committed to satisfy our
partners and clients and to anticipate their needs and preferences.


Our company uses the technique of fast prototyping in order to know the volumes and the shapes of our
products. It is an essential step that makes us able to speed up the entire production process. We specifically
use large format professional 3D printer, both for the functional and non functional components.
We offer an efficient and punctual service to our clients, result of our experience and know-how in the fast prototyping field.



Using FDM 3D printing we are able to create object for various areas. It is a process able
to create real object thanks to additive manufacturing technology, thanks to a layers


Our area of expertise covers the creation of paper artefacts, websites, advertising campaigns and corporate communication.

Social marketing solution

In a scenario where the society is increasingly liquid and where the system of sponsorship
and distribution of products and services is subverted, the intervention on the corporate
image becomes fundamental for the success of an activity.
We offer tailor-made solutions for companies and individuals in order to optimize the
image and the perception by customers, with tailor-made tools.


Plug&Play Flat Track kit per Harley Davidson Street Rod 750
The project perfectly shows our way of Engineering and Prototyping the vehicles and their components.
The aim was to create a kit flattrack for a motorcycle, meeting the standards of the single component at the same time.
We also designed the other motorcycle’s components and created the entire vehicle in the end.


Plug&Play kit per Harley Davidson Fat Bob MY 2018
A unique product with an exlusive design, we decided to realize a big tracker with raised driving
position. The kit is made up: fuel tank and rear fender.

Kineo Wheels

Quality and innovation, ours key words. We are Kineo Wheels partner anddealer, leader company in motorcycles unique wheels. We offer a rapid configuration service with various colors and combination on sale or special one.


We design and product furniture object with an exlusive design and
fine material


Our company also provides for the possibility of using several work stations regularly updated
and patched with all the tools that may be useful.

About us

Giovanni Gallo class 1981 and Walter Castrogiovanni class 1994; so different pasts but same passion for motorcycles and customizations. Giovanni is an expert manager grown up in the maritime sector and Walter young designer. They met casually because of Walter’s Thesis. Shortly after they started a collaborative activity, so they became partner. Born Gallo|Lab, a company specialized in design services and custom bike and vehicles.


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